Rose Hartman, PhD

In addition to big-picture design and interpretation support, I can help you actually get your analysis working on your computer (or I can run it for you on mine). I am fluent in both R and SPSS, and also can provide limited support for several other statistical software packages including JASP, MATLAB, MPLUS, and SAS. No matter what software you’re using, I can always help with deciding what tests to run and interpreting your output.

The only thing I love more than analyzing data is teaching statistics, so you can be sure I won’t just dump you with a bunch of output you don’t understand. My goal is for you to have the cleanest, most direct statistical approach to address your hypotheses, and for you to walk away with a clear sense of how your evidence relates to your research question. Whether you want someone to walk you through the basics, or you’re a stats whiz just looking to get another set of eyes on your analyses before submitting a manuscript for publication, I can provide support at the level you need.

This website is relatively new, but I’ve been writing about stats and data analysis online for a while. You can find links to my writing and tutorials elsewhere on the web in my first blog post.