Rose elsewhere on the web

This website is relatively new, but I’ve been writing about stats and data analysis online for a while. Here are some links to explanations and tutorials I’ve written over the years, many of which focus on implementation in R.

My posts and tutorials on R Club:

Example R code and functions in my github:

To install my r package, use install_github from the devtools R package:

devtools::install_github(repo="rosemm/rexamples", subdir = "pkg")

library(rexamples) # to load the package

I’m available to help you with R code live by the minute via hackhands: The first five minutes are free, so give it a try! :)

My answers on Cross Validated, the statistics stackexchange:

My RPubs documents, most of which were written up with my students in mind when I was teaching stats at the University of Oregon: