I provide professional consultation for research design and data analysis. I have extensive experience with applied statistics, including teaching, consulting, and use in my own research.

I can help make sure you get the best evidence you can to answer the questions you want answered. I help my clients connect their ideas to data at every stage of the process, including study design, survey design and assessment, data cleaning, selecting appropriate analysis techniques, implementation, and interpretation of results.

I look forward to helping you understand your data!

ANOVA tables in R

I don’t know what fears keep you up at night, but for me it’s worrying that I might have copy-pasted the wrong values over from my output. No matter how carefully I check my work, there’s always the nagging suspicion that I could have confused the contrasts for two different factors, or missed a decimal point or a negative sign.

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CFA in lavaan

One of the most widely-used models is the confirmatory factor analysis (CFA). It specifies how a set of observed variables are related to some underlying latent factor or factors. In this post, I step through how to run a CFA in R using the lavaan package, how to interpret your output, and how to write up the results.

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Rose elsewhere on the web

This website is relatively new, but I’ve been writing about stats and data analysis online for a while. Here are some links to explanations and tutorials I’ve written over the years, many of which focus on implementation in R.

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